Webinar Conducting

We are services provider who will manage everything from start to end on a turnkey basis where all you have to do is show up with your content and give a presentation.

Duration: One hour

Control: Three Stations

Package Include:

Presentation enhancing, email marketing on your data. (for our email data rates applied) . Marketing of webinar on social media, set up of on-line registration form, Reminder email before the start of webinars, Certificate issue to participants, Follow up email to participants, Orientation session for registered members, Recording of webinar, editing of recording webinar, uploading of webinar for future references.

Cost: $300/Webinar.

Package: 3 webinar in $600.

Social Media Marketing

We shall run you Facebook page, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and shall make sure that the posting related to targeted customers. The continuous posting shall be made to all the groups of social media in DFW. It will make sure that no body with virtual presence shall left unaware of you products and services. Traffic shall be diverted to your website via social media to ensure solid business.

Cost: $50/week

Appointment Setting with Decision Maker

Often the biggest challenge is to get through the gatekeeper to reach the decision maker and set quality appointment. The quality depicts the decision maker already knows why you are coming and is expecting you to give a “reasonable” amount of time to complete a presentation. This is all because we put our heart and soul to set the quality appointment.

Our call center is specialized in setting the appointment of your targeted clients.

Cost: $75 / qualified appointment. Where qualify appointment mean the amount will only be due after your meeting.